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All About Me and My Hair

Hi! I’m Trevia. I am a mother, full-time student, and active duty military. I’m currently APL relaxed and I am transitioning to texlaxed. I unofficially started my hair journey back in 2010 when I was at neck length. I still learning so much about hair. I am currently attempting to recover from a set back that thinned out my hair. My goals are first and foremost healthy hair, and hopefully length will come with it. I started keeping a journal to help me recover from this set back, so I decided why not blog about it? I am completely new to blogging and transitioning to texlaxed, so this should be interesting :).  I’m always open to answer questions and to accept suggestions to anyone. I plan to put a lot of work into this blog, but I am a busy woman so please bear with me.

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