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Posts from ‘June, 2013’

Relaxer Update #1

I relaxed at 13 weeks post on June 22. Instead of self relaxing I went to a salon. It was a pretty good experience. The stylist used Design Essentials Lo Lye Relaxer. I will most likely go back to her for my next relaxer. I really like the Design Essentials Lo Lye Relaxer. It didn’t […]

Update on 2013 Goals

We are halfway through 2013. I’m overdue for a check-in with my goals. Below are my goals: To thicken and improve the health of my hair in 2013: – Become a total DIY’er (except for trims) – Continue transitioning from relaxed to texlaxed – Do a personal No Heat Challenge for 6 months To grow […]

Back from My Unofficial Hiatus (Hair Update)

Sooooo… I realized that I only made two posts on this blog and then bounced. Sorry, sorry, sorry. I’m active duty Air Force and this year was my first year testing for Staff Sergeant (E-5). Between studying for that, work, college, and my home life, I was pretty much tapped out. Now that that is […]

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