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Update on 2013 Goals

We are halfway through 2013. I’m overdue for a check-in with my goals. Below are my goals:

To thicken and improve the health of my hair in 2013:
– Become a total DIY’er (except for trims)
– Continue transitioning from relaxed to texlaxed
– Do a personal No Heat Challenge for 6 months

To grow my edges in 2013:
– Only texlax edges every other time I texlax
– Massage edges twice daily with Hair Trigger Grow Elixir
– Stop using a brush and gel to smooth edges

I honestly have either not kept up or have no plans on keeping up with the goals that I had to thicken my hair this year (I’m a bad girl *sigh*). I’m still a total DIY’er, but I really don’t plan to keep that up. For some things, yes, but after my last relaxer I have no urge to try to relax my hair by myself again any time soon. As far as transitioning to texlaxed… I’m pretty much over that too. While it works for some, it is really not working for me. I’m sure it is just a lack of knowledge on how to take care of texlaxed hair, but I’m not sure if I want to continue to texlax my hair. The personal No Heat Challenge, I failed at that one. However, I only used heat twice in the past six months. I know, I know…. still a fail.

As far as growing my edges, I have kept up with all of those goals. I haven’t really seen any progress, but I guess time will tell.

So yeah, I think from now on I will take my goals month by month and see if I can do better with following them.

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