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Random Hair Thoughts #2

I’m extremely sorry for no wash day post this week. It was a pretty horrible wash day equipped with a horrible headache. I had plans to do a flexirod set, but I ended up popping some pain meds and going to bed with wet hair. On to my current random hair thoughts.

I’m currently looking out for a new deep conditioner to add to my rotation. I’m thinking of trying Silicon Mix. I don’t know why, but I’ve been wanting this conditioner for years so I’m interested to try it. I loved my Chocolate Bliss Conditioner by Silk Dreams Hair Care, but I really cannot take the long processing and shipping times. The product is all amazing, but three weeks is a long time to wait for a product.

I plan to only wash my hair once every two weeks from now on. I think that the weekly manipulation maybe too much for my hair. I also plan to start my wash days with a deep condition on dry hair. This is purely for convenience, but I think it will also minimize the amount of manipulation to my wet strands. My hair is at its weakest when it is wet.

I am on a mission to have thicker hair. I was considering transitioning to texlaxed, but I think I will just make sure that my hair stylist understands that I only want to be 85-90% relaxed. I’ll be applying oils to my new growth also to try to avoid overprocessing. Once I’m out of my sew-in I plan to incorporate Alter Ego Hot Oil Garlic Treatments and clear rinses to my regimen.

I also plan to cut about 5 inches over the course of the next year. Starting at my December relaxer I plan to cut an inch at every relaxer in hopes of thicker hair. My growth will slow to a crawl,  but I’m more focused on health and thickness than length right now.


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