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July Goals Recap and New August Goals

My goals for July were:

1. Bun 5 out of 7 days a week. I definitely made this goal. I either bunned or was in a wig just about every day this month.

2. Switch up bun style every week. I also made this goal. I started of with a side bun, then had a banana clip bun, then my basic bun high and low.

3. Apply growth aid at least every other day. I didn’t meet this goal, so I won’t be able to do an honest review on the growth aid just yet.

Two out of three isn’t that bad, but this month I’ll aim to reach all of my goals.

Goals for August

1. Apply growth aid everyday
2. Gain one pound a week
3. Drink nothing but water on week days
4. Do yoga or workout at home at least 3 times a week

I only have one hair related goal for the month, because I’ll be getting a sew-in next week. I decided to add some non-hair related goals, because hopefully it will keep me on track with them. I want to weigh 115 lbs by the time my boyfriend comes back from his deployment. Right now I am probably 107 or 108 lbs, so gaining a pound a week is my goal. I gave up all drink other than water for lent, and I felt a lot healthier so I’ve included that goal this month. I have to work out with my squadron at least twice a week, so doing yoga or another personal work out at home is something that I strive to do.

Did you meet your goals for last month? Good luck on you August goals.




  1. naturallyme says:

    Hi Trevia,
    You know I really did not have clear goals last month. I am in my third week of the protective stying challenge. I have natural hair and did the big chop in January and again in March.

    How are you doing with your goals? I must admit I have difficulty being consistent. I do not know what it is like to want to gain weight, I heard it is just as challenging to gain weight as it is to lose. I would think it is even more challenging to gain weight when you are so active. Are you gaining weight for a personal goal or is there a weight requirement for the military?

    I am on the other end of the scale and want to lose weight. I injured my right foot and have been off my foot as much as possible since May. I am looking for ways to build my strengh, stamina and endurance that is also low impact. I thought about adding a page to my blog about my health goals. I like how you have included your health goals in your blog as well. Sorry for being so long winded. I look forward to reading more about your journey. Don’t forget the growth aid. 🙂


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    1. Hey Wanda,
      I also have issues being consistent. I’m a creature of habit, so once I get in a routine really well I can stick it. However, before that I have a routine down pack it’s hard for me to be consistent. I think this month I’m going to hang my goals on my bathroom door, so I have no choice but to look at them every day. I’ll try to remember the growth aid, because I’m really interested to see if it works

      Gaining weight is more of a personal thing. The military does have a minimum weight for entry, and I’m pretty short so I think mine was 104 lbs. I used to weight 115 lbs before I had my daughter, and I think the stress and breastfeeding made me lose so much weight. I was happier with the way I looked at that weight, so I am trying to get back to it. I plan to gain weight by making sure I eat more calories than I burn off, but also by working out.

      Using the elliptical is a good low impact work out for cardio, and if you raise up the resistance it can also tone your arms and lower body. That’s a good alternative if you are able to put weight on your foot.

      1. naturallyme says:

        This week I return to the doctor and will find out if I can begin low impact exercise. I sure hope so. Exercise makes me feel good physically, mentally and emotionally.

        I am a mother of 3 daughters and a grandmother. I sure remember the days when my daughters were babies and yes I did lose a lot of weight with stress and breastfeeding. I dropped 2 dress sizes. I had a lot of extra weight I was a size 22/24 before and during my pregnancy because I lose weight. After breastfeeding, I was a size 16/18. Girl I thought I was fabulous. Once I stopped breastfeeding with my daughter was a year old I quickly regained the weight.

        Best of luck. I know you can do it and congratulations on the birth of your daughter.

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