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August Goal Recap and New September Goals

The end of August is here, so time to see how I did on my goals. August goals were:

1. Apply growth aid everyday.
This didn’t happen. Once I got in my sew-in I wasn’t washing often enough to apply oil to my scalp every day. Also I didn’t want it to make the weave oily.
2. Gain one pound a week.
I kind of made this goal. I didn’t gain exactly one pound each week, but I do weigh 4 pounds more than I did at the beginning of August.
3. Drink nothing but water on week days.
I made this goal 🙂
4. Do yoga or workout at home at least 3 times a week.
I also made this goal. I worked out almost every day in August.

With the working out, drinking water, and gaining weight, I honestly don’t see a difference in my body, but I guess it’s something I’ll have to continue doing.

September goals
1. Do at least one rollerset/flexi-rod set
2. Continue drinking only water on week days
3. Do a length check and assess ends

Only three goals this month. My friend gave me an hooded dryer, so I want to try a rollerset. As much as I hate only drinking water, I will continue it. I’m 95% sure I’m in need of a big trim (1-2 inches, if not more). I need to do a length check to see where I am, what my ends look like, and how I plan to cut (one big trim vs. several little trims).

Did you meet your August goals?


Random Hair Thoughts #3

Hi everyone!! I haven’t posted in a while. I’ve had my sew-in for about a week and a half, and I am LOVING it. Absolutely loving it. My goal is to wear it for another four weeks. I’m considering having a new regimen incorporating sew-ins. I am going to try it out for the rest of the year. I also want to change from washing once a week to only washing twice a week. I’m going to try that for the rest of the year too. Looks my regimen may be in for some big changes. I’m kind of worried about doing that, because consistency is key. However, I really want to lower the manipulation in my regimen. My fine hair just can’t take it.

I’m totally interested in cassia treatments. I’ve been wanting to try them for a while, but I think I will really take the plunge once I get out of this sew-in. I’ve been looking on Etsy for a lot of new products, and I think I may be becoming a product junkie again. I’m mostly looking for a new deep conditioner to fall in love with and butters to start sealing with.

I plan to finally get to some product reviews on this site and do a post on how I maintain my sew-in and my real hair under this sew-in.

My goal for the end of this year is to be below shoulder blade (BSB) after my trim in December. I think I have a good shot of making it. I really just don’t want to be back up to grazing APL as I was after my last trim.


Wash Day (6 weeks post)

Here are this week’s wash day products:


1. I started off with a deep condition on dry hair using KeraPRO Restorative Treatment for Dry to Very Dry Hair. I absolutely love this stuff, and it has been a staple deep conditioner of mine for a while

2. After a few hours I hopped in the shower to wash the DC out. Then I shampoo’d with Creme of Nature Argan Oil Moisture and Shine Shampoo.

3. I applied GVP Nexxus Humectress and conditioned while I finished everything else I have had to do in the shower.

4. Once I got out of the shower, I towel dried my hair and sprayed my hair with Argan Oil Strength and Shine Leave-In Conditioner. I then applied Fantasia IC Heat Polisher Heat Protector Straightening Serum, because I planned to blow dry my hair.

This was my first time deep conditioning on dry hair. I plan to continue it, because my hair was very soft afterwards. Also, it is a total time saver. No more getting in and out of the shower.

Blow drying my hair was a total fail. I don’t know if I had my hopes too high (or maybe I’m just bad at it), but my blow dried hair was identical to my air dried hair. I started to flat iron, but it was late and I’m horrible at flat ironing.

A good thing that came from me blow drying is that I realized that I’m happy with my hair the length that it is (which is good, because I’m in need of a good trim). I beginning to think that I am on a journey to healthy, thick hair instead of a journey to growing new lengths. For now I’m happy between APL and BSL. I’d rather have thick hair at this length than longer thin hair. Over the course of the next year I’m going to be focused on growing out my layers and nape hair. I’ll also be focusing on thickening up my hair, and as I mentioned in another post I’ll be cutting about 4-5 inches over the course of the next year. Hopefully after this journey, I can focus on growing my hair to new lengths.

How was your wash day?


July Goals Recap and New August Goals

My goals for July were:

1. Bun 5 out of 7 days a week. I definitely made this goal. I either bunned or was in a wig just about every day this month.

2. Switch up bun style every week. I also made this goal. I started of with a side bun, then had a banana clip bun, then my basic bun high and low.

3. Apply growth aid at least every other day. I didn’t meet this goal, so I won’t be able to do an honest review on the growth aid just yet.

Two out of three isn’t that bad, but this month I’ll aim to reach all of my goals.

Goals for August

1. Apply growth aid everyday
2. Gain one pound a week
3. Drink nothing but water on week days
4. Do yoga or workout at home at least 3 times a week

I only have one hair related goal for the month, because I’ll be getting a sew-in next week. I decided to add some non-hair related goals, because hopefully it will keep me on track with them. I want to weigh 115 lbs by the time my boyfriend comes back from his deployment. Right now I am probably 107 or 108 lbs, so gaining a pound a week is my goal. I gave up all drink other than water for lent, and I felt a lot healthier so I’ve included that goal this month. I have to work out with my squadron at least twice a week, so doing yoga or another personal work out at home is something that I strive to do.

Did you meet your goals for last month? Good luck on you August goals.



Wash Day and a Length Check

Today was wash day. Below are the products I used this week.

Wash Day 7/21/13

I didn’t prepoo my hair this week, because I planned to clarify/chelate this week. I brought a new shower head with a filter, so this was the perfect time to clarify.

1. I shampooed with Olive Oil Creamy Aloe Shampoo. This my staple clarifying shampoo. Leaves my hair feeling squeaky clean, but not at all stripped.

2. Did a protein treatment using Redken Extreme Strength Builder Plus. I liked this protein treatment. I didn’t feel like it was full of unicorn tails and completely amazing, but I’ll continue to use it.

3. Deep conditioned with Silk Dreams Hair Care (SDHC) Chocolate Bliss Conditioner for about 3 hours. I got busy doing things around the house.

I didn’t really have to do much detangling. Like always, the Chocolate Bliss Conditioner pretty much melted my tangles away. I did a quick length check and did a mini dusting of my ends. My ends look in good shape, but I feel like I noticed a little thinning on my left side. It’s really hard to tell for sure, because I have varying degrees of mid-strand texlaxed hair that could be causing shrinkage.  I also have having some serious paranoia about my hair thinning since my setback earlier this year. Anyway, I won’t be able to tell for sure until I flat iron, and I won’t be doing that until my September relaxer. If it is thinning I’m just going to chalk it up to the game. Once I hit BSL I’ll keep trimming until it grows in. Below is the length check picture:

July 2013 Length Check

July 2013 Length Check

Sorry for the crappy quality picture, and my hair was wet. I’m happy with my growth, and my ends look good for now. I should make BSL this year, and I’ll probably kick it there for a while. I need to focus on thickening up my hair vs. focusing on length.

After I air dried my hair I wrapped it up into a bun, and it’ll stay there until I braid it up for a braid out next week.

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