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August Goal Recap and New September Goals

The end of August is here, so time to see how I did on my goals. August goals were: 1. Apply growth aid everyday. This didn’t happen. Once I got in my sew-in I wasn’t washing often enough to apply oil to my scalp every day. Also I didn’t want it to make the weave […]

July Goals Recap and New August Goals

My goals for July were: 1. Bun 5 out of 7 days a week. I definitely made this goal. I either bunned or was in a wig just about every day this month. 2. Switch up bun style every week. I also made this goal. I started of with a side bun, then had a […]

July Hair Goals

In a previous post I mentioned that I will now be doing my goals month by month. Here are my goals for July 2013: In case you cannot see the picture my goals are: 1. Bun 5 out of 7 days a week 2. Switch up bun style every week 3. Apply growth aid at […]

Update on 2013 Goals

We are halfway through 2013. I’m overdue for a check-in with my goals. Below are my goals: To thicken and improve the health of my hair in 2013: – Become a total DIY’er (except for trims) – Continue transitioning from relaxed to texlaxed – Do a personal No Heat Challenge for 6 months To grow […]

My Goals for 2013

When I flat ironed my hair for New Year’s I was alarmed at how thin it had become. I have no idea what caused this set back. My original goal for 2013 was to grow my hair to BSL. Now I am more focus on the health and thickness of my hair. If I end […]

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